Updated 8/13/2013

Male and Female Black Grizzled Kittens available. $900 as altered pets

$1500 as breeder/show cats

Two female adults available


To purchase as a breeder you must be willing to or have a TICA registered cattery, be a member of TICA and join the Chausie Breed Committee in TICA.

Prices include: Altering, Feluke/FIV testing, Fecal testing, all shots up to date including Rabies, Microchip, a bag of food and a toy.

If interested in one of the kittens on this page please complete our application:click here

Shipping is available and runs approx $285 for the flight and carrier on Delta.









Available Kittens

Male and Female Black Grizzled Kittens

$900 altered and microchipped

$1500 as breeder/show cats when evaluated as such


Adult Female F5 Chausie

Belle Starr

DOB 5/21/06

7 year old female

She is a bit shy but a nice cat. Would take a bit to adjust to a new home.

Would do better to adjust in an only cat home I believe or one with a mellow resident cat already.

 $125 adoption fee



DOB 9/28/12 F5 SBT

$800 spayed pet

She was going to be our show cat but she was not a fan of the show hall so is being placed as a pet.

Super and crazy loving girl. Will make an amazing pet for anyone!